Christina Kourousia

Skrevet 15 november av Oslo i Konkurranse, Nyheter.

Christina Kourousia

My name is Christina Kourousia and I’m from greece

My goals as an architecture is a means to help people find a meaning in their life between the earth and the sky, describing briefly Heidegger’s words. Therefore, my challenge is to design, having as parameters our senses and needs as humans, both for living and living well. The way to achieve this better is by having always in mind the site and the people using it.

Either making a chair or a building or even a gingerbread house, my creativity always aims to make people explore and experience things in an exciting way.

 Gingerbread + Norway Designs

I said yes to this project because we all love Christmas!
And we all want to celebrate them in a special and different way every year, the best possible. Building with gingerbread is a new possibilty for building houses and the best gift for an architect is to see young and older people smiling!

Stem på  Christina Kourousias pepperkakehus!/Vote for Christina Kourousias gingerbread house!

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